Ischia restaurants. Alberto seen from the sky. Video

 With this plane video I try to give a real image of the location, the restaurant Alberto, especially for those who it never came and it can be a reminder to customers who have honored us with their presence. It is a play of light and colors, similar to the alchemy of flavors of pasta with mussels and chocolate; small variations, revisited, that does not divert us from the traditional cuisine taught and transmitted from Nonna Chiara (sacred for us).
The scent of the sea, the musical sound of the waves that bounce on the verandas … together with the taste of a pasta with crustaceans, the scent of a mussel soup and the wonderful sweetness of crude white fish … well, for that, you come to Ristorante Alberto.

The restaurant Alberto from the sky

Ischia restaurants

Giovanni Mattera Chef and photographer

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