Exclusive Restaurants in Ischia – Michelin Guide 2014. “Ristorante Alberto” receives the quality-price award.


The Michelin Red Guide is the oldest and best-known European hotel and restaurant reference guide, which awards Michelin stars for excellence to a select few establishments.”

“Exclusive” is an important word, to be used carefully. Who is qualified enough to define a restaurant as “exclusive”?  I would not be in the condition to declare that my “Ristorante Alberto is exclusive” since my judgment would be biased. So who is allowed to do so? Well, once there were Mr. André and Mr. Edouard  Michelin ( Vedi la storia ), founders of the French tire manufacturing company, who in the year 1900 decided to offer their clients more than just a comfortable driving experience and created a guidebook so that tourists could enjoy a travel experience of complete well-being and always be sure to eat and sleep in a comfortable and safe place (at those times it was not yet something obvious). The Michelin guide did not aim to increase the company revenues, but rather to provide an additional service to all Michelin clients. Nowadays, the Restaurant and Hotel guide inspectors boast a solid educational background and during their professional life they collect a huge array of information about hotels and restaurants such as: pleasant emotions, taste, fragrance and view. Their judgment is thus absolutely unbiased, competent and first-class. We should listen to them rather than to those who eat fast-food at home and claim to be gastronomy experts all of a sudden…

Having said this, I am extremely happy to see the name of our “Ristorante Alberto” associated with the 3-coin symbol (that means good quality-price ratio) michelin_resaturants_ischia2 on both the print and online version of the Red Guide. Do you know why? Since I am one of the very few…  and maybe the only crazy restaurant owner in Europe who has no freezer in his restaurant, this symbol equals to me an “Oscar” award for restaurants. To do completely without the deep-freezer means a great sacrifice in economic terms (as all those working in this sector know well). So this is really a great honour for us!

 Source of origin Michelin.com  Official page 





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