Among the finest seaside restaurants in Ischia

finest seaside restaurants in Ischia

Among the finest seaside restaurants in Ischia

An intense passion for cooking and hospitality – since 1940.



To pamper one’s guests is a duty for each host but above all a sincere pleasure. Our cuisine mainly focuses on fish dishes but Ischia also boasts a historically strong agricultural tradition. This means you will also find the traditional “cave rabbit” that is the feather in our cap. While respecting our culinary tradition, we are also fascinated by the challenge of reinterpreting the local cuisine of the island  in a personal way, with “reinvented” dishes and a touch of daring creativity, as witnessed by renowned food experts.

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The “Lido” is an area of Ischia with one the most intriguing views of the whole island, as it lies in front of


a long coastal stretch of the

Campania region (with good weather conditions it is even possible to see Gaeta), Naples, the volcano Vesuvius as well as, getting closer, the neighbouring isles of Procida and Vivara. A marvellous, “enchanted” perspective that will add a special touch to your lunch or dinner.



At the Restaurant Alberto you will taste fish dishes – always fresh but above all strictly local – , and many of the most genuine dishes of Ischia’s cuisine. You will be delighted by the sound of the undertow and pleased by a professional service in a quiet and romantic setting. An exceptional selection of wines (white wine, red wine and dessert wine) as well as a well-sorted list of liqueurs rounds off our gastronomic offer.


A tradition of over fifty years in the field, combined with a passion for the fine art of cooking has made this Restaurant unique in its kind as well as a popular meeting point for those who love true taste. Why not start your dinner by admiring the light and shades of a gorgeous sunset, with an intensely coloured sun plunging into the sea of Ischia?


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