Cooking and taking photos. My passions

Giovannni Mattera Chef and photographer

Cooking and taking photos – my passions

Even if I am a Chef and have always lived among pots and pans, another great passion of mine is photography. It has developed by chance and since the very beginning it has involved and enveloped me like the passion for cooking. From November onwards, when the restaurant is closed for the winter season, I take off my clothes as a Chef and wear those of a Photographer.

This corner is exclusively dedicated to “my photography”. So far I have been concentrating on the wonderful atmospheres you can find only in Ischia I have tried to take pictures able to communicate the emotions experienced while photographing. Both the act of taking a picture and the postproduction process give me an indescribable feeling. When I see how a picture comes to life in post-production, this has a great emotional impact on me. Nothing compares, for example, with the involving quietness of my Island in winter – simply extraordinary.


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