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Restaurant Alberto, our veranda at the end of a Lounge Bar evening

Ischia cooking and photo – my passions


Restaurants & Art – the new emotional section of the Restaurant Alberto, born with the aim of sharing beauty and emotions with our dear guests. Along with offering the taste and fragrance of fine food as well as the enchanted setting of the Gulf of Naples, it is my desire to share with you also some images. Images that have triggered my emotions and you hopefully will enjoy. A collection of pictures in digital format on a high quality LCD screen will be available in our restaurant hall, where you can see and hopefully appreciate my photographic and emotional evolution from 2004 until today – always with reference to our marvelous island of Ischia. Here you will also find info about ongoing photo exhibitions. “Restaurant Art” is the attempt to “mix” impressions and good vibes like a DJ and share them with our clients, adding to the sense of taste another vital dimension: sound. There is the natural, gentle sound of the sea waves, of course, but in some moments and for those clients who will appreciate it, we have provided the restaurant with cutting edge Bose audio equipment for a thorough and complete emotional experience. This is the result of my 47 years of life in the name of “emotions”, the great cocktail of the true pleasures of life: taste, scent, consistency, light, movements but above all people… “Elegant People”, who have in common an apparently simple aspect paired by a great deepness of soul and culture, the taste for Beauty.

Anna Ruggiero and Roberto Barone

Thanks to a radio broadcast from our neighboring island Capri (a place whose beauties I deeply admire), namely Lunare Project by lifestyle master Roberto Barone from Radio Capri and Radio Yacht, on-air 24/24 hours, as well as to the long online discussions and sharing of interesting contents with Roberto together with other “Elegant People” (in this virtual bar they are called “Ambassadors”), I have decided to launch the “Art Gate” at the Restaurant Alberto. Check out by yourself listening to Radio Capri or Radio Yacht from Monday to Friday (7.00 to 9.00 p.m.) and, even if you have never visited us at the Restaurant Alberto so far, you will understand my philosophy.

A tribute to art by Restaurant Alberto

The Restaurant Alberto was founded in the summer 1940 under the name “Lido”. It was initially owned by the Colucci family, who were as dear as relatives to my grandfather Alberto, whom they were very fond of. The Coluccis were members of a family of famous Neapolitan artists, including their renowned nephew Sandro Petti, one of the most important architects (as well as a great Chef) in Italy and Europe. Just to name a few examples, in Ischia he designed the famous Bar Calise, still among the most beautiful in Europe; he also realized and run the mythical “Rancio Fellone”, a nightclub that in the Fifties and Sixties was Europe’s “Hollywood”. Our great singer Mina became famous thanks to Sandro Petti and his famous night club, where many VIPs used to spend their summer evenings: Aristotle Onassis, Giovanni Agnelli, Liz Taylor, Burt Lancaster, Charlie Chaplin, Sophia Loren and many other world famous stars. They all experienced the emotions and tastes of Ischia at the “Lido” (soon after to be transformed into our Restaurant Alberto) and the fascinating atmosphere of the “Rancio Fellone”. My humble culinary and photographic experience is here meant as a tribute to the Great Art of the “Colucci & Petti” family, not only artists and masters in painting and architects, but above all teachers in life, admirers of Beauty as a style of life, “Elegant & Fine People”. I hereby would like to keep the promise I made to my grandfather Alberto, who had once told me: “Pay due tribute to those who had a great affection for me and trusted me deeply, the Coluccis and Sandro Petti”.

The history about Ischia and the “Rancio Fellone”.


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