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Fine food

Fine food

You may ask yourself where do we store our food? Easy as it may seem in Ischia’s sea.

We don’t use a deep freezer so all are welcome to see for themselves and taste our own special recipes


Our main cooking belief is based upon the use of high quality ingredients( primarily fish). We also select our products on the basis of their organic and natural character.

Nowadays when we consider fish we don’t look so much at its freshness (though a definite must at Alberto’s) but one needs to make sure about its provenance, which must be angled and not resulting from fish farming.

Therefore if today’s fishing produce hasn’t reached generous levels envisaged we’ll only give you the chance to choose from our shell fish or meat and vegetables menus. Given our strong commitment to ensure the highest possible quality products we may occasionally cater with an eye for lesser menu choice but always in line with the best possible result.

As many of you already know, the world’s tastiest angled fish is made available along the coastline from Tuscany to Sicily. We use it to create our homemade recipes but we also enjoy adapting these to other traditional local recipes while keeping in mind a range of typically Mediterranean cooking styles.


Mussel soup with croutons

Blue fish patties

Fish croquettes

 Carpaccio Lobster      

Carpaccio Lobster claw  Scampi

Carpaccio Red prawns

Carpaccio of white fish

Fried small squid

Mussels and courgettes Sautè

Braised mixed salad greens with orange with diced *fish, olives and capers

Clam and mussel Sautè                                              


 The Pasta 


linguine pasta with lobster claw sauce

 * Stirred shellfish with Olives , capers and cherry tomatoes

Maccheroni pasta served with squid, aubergines, mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes

**Pasta Papiri  *Served with white fish nibbles with cherry tomatoes and crushed almonds

**Pasta Taccozzette served with a mussel velvet sauce and courgettes added to chocolate with a touch of cherry tomatoes

**Millerighe All’Ischitana served with an aubergine velvet sauce, mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes


Main courses Fish


*La Frittura di paranza consisting of a selection of small-sized fried fish     

“Maruzzara” Fish fillets, traditional recipe of Ischia served with cherry tomatoes

Alberto’s own fish fillets served with rounded shaped potatoes, black olives and capers

Cuttlefish or squid served with a creamy tomato sauce

*Whole white fish prepared in different ways:grilled, with lemon, “Alberto style”, traditional “Maruzzara” (in cherry tomato sauce) charged by weight

Fish soup (on condition it is ordered one day in advance except on Saturday nights)  


Main courses Our meats


“Encounter between Land and Sea” Delicate beef stripes with courgettes and clams 

 beef entrecote served with “per e palummo” red wine and chicory radicchio

**Local cave rabbit Only available prior booking one day in advance An additional charge amounting to € 8.00 for  bucatini pasta or other pasta at your choice

side dishes

Mixed Ischian Salad      

Caprese Salad (mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil)                       

Rucola salad served with cherry tomatoes


Cheese degustation served with strawberry tree honey and wild rose jam


***  Pasta De Cecco

**  Pasta – Antichi Pastai Gragnanesi

*As a general rule we specify the type of fish due to availability of fish caught on the day or in line with our customer’s preferences. Moreover, each cooking method is adapted to meet the fish assortment.



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