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Our culinary delicacies are deeply rooted in the tradition of the Neapolitan and Ischian cuisine, with a touch of audacious yet respectful creativity. We mainly serve fish dishes but, since in the past we islanders used to be mainly farmers, we also propose some dishes with a strong link to the earth, such as the typical Ischia style rabbit (only upon prior reservation).


The above listed dishes are a mere indication of the various possibilities and they are not necessarily available all on the same day. Our offer changes from day to day due to practical reasons, especially depending on the seasonal availability of fish. The exact Menu of the day is decided every morning on the basis of what the sea yields. If we will have the honour to have you among our guests and on that specific day the sea will not have been generous (e.g. due to weather conditions), unfortunately you will be able to order only seafood, or of course choose among our meat-based dishes and vegetables. The reason is we want to offer you only the very best choice. This means we prefer to prepare few but authentic dishes and always pay utmost attention to quality criteria.

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