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Restaurant Alberto at night – in the background, from left: Naples, Procida, Vivara

The sea of Ischia


A principle we strictly adhere to: only the best fresh fish 

Where is our storeroom? Let us tell you our secret: it’s the sea of Ischia. We don’t have any deep-freezer.
This enchanted landscape has always inspired us to prefer naturalness and genuineness; indeed, we do not have any freezerand we kindly invite you to give a look at our kitchen to check out for yourself. Any good housewife knows what a sacrifice it is to do without a freezer. But how rewarding in terms of quality, too!

Tradition and innovation

A family business

A family business: from left to right my grandmother Chiara, my mother Maria, my aunt Graziuccia and my grandfather Alberto.


The Restaurant Alberto a mare was founded in the year 1940 under the name “Lido”, which was also the name by which most of the beaches in the main area of Ischia Porto were collectively referred to. The restaurant was synonymous with a mix of good cuisine, enjoyment, fun and relax, and attracted many gourmet aristocrats and members of the elites that at those times habitually chose Ischia for their holidays. The restaurant was owned by the artists’ family Colucci. At that time, with the booming of tourism, the owners were looking for a capable and trusted employee. Young Alberto Di Scala applied for the position and immediately gained the owner’s favor with his good manners and his smile, but above all with his professional commitment – a positive combination that led to a fruitful and close relationship with his employers within a couple of months. Years later, in 1950, he was entrusted with the management of the restaurant, renamed “Alberto” after him. This is how the gourmand gastronomic history of the Di Scala family started with grandfather Alberto and grandmother Chiara, before being continued by their children Maria and Ciccio until the present day,

Giovanni Mattera – Chef and Photographer

with the third generation (grandson Giovanni Mattera). The true added value of Restaurant Alberto was the vital energy and gastronomic wisdom of grandmother Nonna Chiara. A true queen of the kitchen, she was an extraordinary expert in taste and balance. Thanks to her incredible ability to measure out the ingredients, she knew how to transform a simple “spaghetti with tomato sauce” into a delicious and original dish. She has traded us down this sense of measure that allows us to follow a creative and innovative path while safeguarding the extraordinary heritage of the island’s gastronomic tradition.

Director Gemma Mattera

Director Gemma Mattera






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