Ischia Photo. Pictures and emotions of my wonderful Ischia

Giovanni Mattera Chef and photographer - Photo Angelo Pesce

Giovanni Mattera Chef and photographer – Photo Angelo Pesce

My Ischia by Giovanni Mattera

Photos of Ischia

Photographs and emotions of my wonderful Ischia, a personal and intimate vision of moments, intense and penetrating lights that have enchanted and touched me. These are the gifts of my marvellous home island. Here you can find all my pictures:




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Ischia and its colors

Ischia and its colors


Ischia and its colors 2


Pictures Ischia in black and white.

About Ischia, faces and life

About Ischia, faces and life


Chef and photographer

Giovanni Mattera. Chef and photographer. Photo Luigi Trani

Cooking and taking photos by Paola Casulli



The island of Ischia is Giovanni Mattera’s vital centre. The aim of his efforts, his pride. He advocates for Ischia to remain untouched by the debasing globalization and maintain the more elegant and refined dimension surrounding the island and its inhabitants ever since. For Gianni Mattera Ischia does not boast only an ancient history, but above all a peculiar geography: not the well-known and banal geography of maps and tourist guides but a quieter one, rich in regenerating energy, of particular interest to those travellers who come to Ischia and want to delve body and soul in an oasis of well-being and tranquility. Body and soul here are perfectly well taken into account in the two forms of art in which Gianni Mattera expresses himself with great ability: gastronomy and photography.

Gianni Mattera is the owner as well as Chef of the Restaurant Alberto, located along the highly romantic Lido beach, and successfully carries on the culinary art inherited from generations: a uniqueness celebrated in the passionate and joyous exploration of tastes. In his extraordinarily rich cuisine, traditional recipes are accompanied by experimental creations that go far beyond the simple symmetry of taste, while remaining firmly anchored in the superb culinary vivacity typical of the Mediterranean.

Since 2004 Gianni Mattera has been cultivating a second passion along with the art of cooking: photography. This way both the palate and the eye are fully satisfied. With no less effort and professionalism than those shown in his capacity as Chef, as a photographer Gianni Mattera offers us the gift of “his” island captured by his photographic eye.

His photographs portray Ischia’s natural beauties, the continuous, powerful breathing of the sea and the wind, as well as its inhabitants in unforgettable portraits of fishermen. But in Gianni Mattera’s photography it is above all the sea and the seagulls that capture the magic and  most poetic identity of the island, transforming the somewhat artificial seaside paradise that can be found on tourist catalogues into an authentic rapture, triggered by the seagulls’ flight in a sky with colours ranging from light blue to the red fire of sunset. A true constant of his photographic production that has led him, among others, to take part in the exhibition “Comunque il mare” by PhotoArea2006 in March 2006.

In all of his pictures Gianni Mattera displays a rare ability in finding the right balance between the expressive richness conveyed by a wave or by birds in flight on one side, and the rigorous strength of his technique on the other. This means that in the photographer’s heart poetry and technique are both coexisting and mutually available: the first allows him to explore and dramatize the rich natural material Ischia offers, the second helps him fixing this potential with the digital technologies used at the service of an intimate, profound reflection.

We are therefore in the presence of a mature photographic art, in which the abundance of metaphors captured by the objective and the density of meanings straightens out the potential inner conflict, between anger and compassion towards an island often ill-treated, humiliated and offended. In some cases his photography even becomes a witness of civic engagement and commitment.

A photographic art that, in the light of the need to rediscover the island, admirably translates something that the senses have already perceived as physical and metaphysical participation in the local natural and historical heritage.

A photographic art that shows us an island – the island of Ischia –, fully reconciled and accomplished. That rediscovers its green areas, enjoys its sea and does not give up its winds. That does not fear its nights. Offering us a joyous reconciliation with mankind.

To us, made humble in this distance finally reduced, remains the astonishment to find out the echo of such a beauty.


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