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Restaurant Alberto Ischia

Giovanni Mattera Chef

Thank you a lot to all our clients, and especially to all the staff in 2015 that allowed me to realize “my restaurant” not only smells, tastes, but emotions…. From light to sound to movement and reach the second place in ranking of ischia restaurants. But especially I’m thankful to my brother Alberto and my sister Gemma who practically run the Alberto restaurant alone in that 2015. Since the maintenance work, because of a my problem to my legs that did not allow me (Now is improving) to work in the kitchen and  in the hall. I  know that this second place on trip advisore is clearly momentary, but now we are there and we enjoy this wonderful pleasure! That was earned with great love and passion. From all of us even by those who made the extra for just two days. Thanks really a lot  everyone but especially to my warrior mother MARIA THAT IS THERE FROM THE BORN……1940.

Giovanni Mattera Chef and photographer

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