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Chef Giovanni Mattera. Ischia restaurants

Chef Giovanni Mattera. Ischia restaurants

Our cuisine is based exclusively on the use of top quality ingredients. For us a thorough control of the freshness and origin of the products is key. We only buy the freshest catch of the day and refuse farmed fish. As many already know, the fish of the Tyrrhenian Sea is among the best of the world thanks to its natural tastiness deriving from the high salt content in the sea water, especially in those areas where there are submarine thermal springs that make it particularly tender and tasty. We have been using our local fish for more than 60 years, always devoting great attention to quality. A tradition started by my grandparents (in 1946), taken on by their children, namely my mother Maria and uncle Ciccio, and continued today by the third generation. The tradition: rather than despising it, we consider it a very precious gift, so we use Mediterranean cooking techniques inherited by our grandmothers, but we are also daring enough to realize a creative cuisine, adding a new touch to common products by combining them with more unusual ingredients, i.e. fruit, meat, chocolate and others. The taste remains well-anchored in Ischia and in my reminiscence of the flavours of the past, of the extraordinary recipes of my grandmother, harmonic and sinuous fragrances I will never forget. To my great pleasure, these new interpretations have found positive appreciation. Indeed, if combined in a balanced way, two common ingredients with a distinctive taste such as watermelon and greater amberjack, or chocolate and mussels, can generate a strikingly



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