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Giovanni Mattera Chef e Fotografo

Giovanni Mattera Chef e Fotografo

  The Restaurant: the mainstay of our restaurant kitchen has always been grandmother Nonna Chiara, Chef of the Restaurant Alberto back in 1940. Her inborn sensitivity and creative genius conferred the food she prepared an absolutely special fragrance, taste and consistency: it was so “round” and well-balanced that each tiny bit generated an intoxicating pleasure that – incredible to say – still lingers on today on my taste buds and in synapses (it was not by chance that, since I was only three days old,  my pram was parked only 2 meters from the restaurant’s kitchen). She was endowed with the ability to create dishes that were extraordinarily balanced in taste. With total confidence her hands were naturally able to measure out vegetables, fish, meat and spices without even tasting. And her dishes were always perfect, harmonious and thrilling. This is the gustatory universe that has been accompanying me since early childhood. Such strong and exciting sensorial emotions cannot be forgotten, they are written in the DNA that I and my family have inherited from grandmother “Nonna Chiara”. This merry background has enabled me to create or, more precisely, to revive some ancient taste combinations, allowing me also to give my personal contribution to this long gastronomic history that continues to be appreciated today as it was in the Forties. Photography: after the “full immersion” in the world of taste and fragrances as a Chef during the summer months, as soon as the Restaurant closes its doors in the winter season I take on the role of Photographer, with the aim to share the enchanting landscapes of my beloved island of Ischia. This is how "Alberto" Restaurant Art was born. It is only after 10 long years of photographic studies and 40 years of working experience in restaurant kitchens that I feel ready for this new step, that is meant to combine my humble passions in two creative fields: cooking and photography.


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Gwynet Paltrow - Sabrina Ferilli - Massimo Ghini

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